Question: Why Did Katy Perry call her daughter Daisy?

After Jimmy asked Perry about her daughters name, Perry explained, Daisy, to me, means pure, like purity. And Dove means peace, and Bloom kind of feels like it means joy, so, pure, peace and joy. If you recall, Perry began to hint at her daughters name several months before she welcomed her baby girl.

Why Did Katy Perry name her kid Daisy?

As we mentioned, Katy hinted that the name of her child was Daisy when she released her song Daises. On the site it said Welcome to Daisy Dove Bloom!.

What did Katy Perry named her daughter?

Daisy Dove Bloom Katy Perry/Children

Is Katy Perrys daughter named Daisy?

Katy Perry recently gave birth to a baby girl named Daisy Dove Bloom. Katy Perry is officially a mom! The singer recently welcomed her first child with Orlando Bloom.

What does the name Daisy dove mean?

Daisies are the symbol of innocence and new beginnings, according to, while doves symbolize peace and love.

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