Question: Did Taylor Swift write a song about Cory Monteith?

Cory Monteith dated Swift for less than a month, but still inspired Mine. In the song Mine, Swift talks about liking a boy she barely knew who tried to take their relationship to the next level.

Did Taylor Swift wrote a song about Cory Monteith?

Taylor Swift and actor Cory Monteith reportedly dated during the spring of the year 2010. After their rumoured breakup, Taylor Swifts song Mine was released. During an interview with Yahoo, back in 2010, the singer shared that her song Mine was about a boy she barely knew.

Is the song mine about Cory Monteith?

It may be a little confusing because the hidden word in Mine is TOBY, but it is really about Cory Monteith. (Toby Hemingway was in the music video for Mine. She couldnt have wrote it about him because she didnt know him until after she wrote the song when she was filming the music video.

How did Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith meet?

A friend told the National Enquirer: Taylor is actually pretending not to be interested in Cory so her mother doesnt scare him off. Swift split from Twilight heart-throb Lautner in December after a two-month romance. The couple started dating after playing high school sweethearts in romantic comedy Valentines Day.

Who Has Taylor Swift written songs for?

Sugarlands Babe. Taylor Swift collaborated with country band Sugarland and produced the hit single, Babe. Calvin Harris ft. Rihannas This Is What You Came For. Cats soundtrack Beautiful Ghosts. Olivia Rodrigos 1 step forward 3 steps back.22 May 2021

Who did Taylor Swift date at 17?

Taylor Lautner 2009: Taylor Swift, 20, & Taylor Lautner, 17 In October 2010, Swift revealed her crush: Taylor Lautner.

What song did Taylor Swift wrote for Miley Cyrus?

Youll Always Find Your Way Back Home is a country pop song written for the 2009 film Hannah Montana: The Movie. The song is performed by Hannah Montana, a character Miley Cyrus portrays in the film. The song was written by American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and American singer Martin Johnson.

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