Question: What does a private investigator do for cheating spouse?

Surveillance - A private investigator watches your spouse using advanced surveillance methods to ensure that you obtain the evidence you need. Some of these methods include tracking your spouses vehicle, searching their assets, and monitoring their internet activity.

What rights does a cheating spouse have?

In many states, adultery plays a role in determining alimony or spousal support. A spouses infidelity can bar their claim for alimony that they may have otherwise been entitled to. It may also help your claim for alimony if it is the other spouse who has cheated.

What do you do if you suspect your wife is cheating?

Cheating Signs: What To Do If You Suspect Your Spouse Is CheatingIdentify your feelings. Talk to your partner about your concerns and feelings. Watch his reaction and body language. Provide physical evidence of the cheating. Ask for honesty. Set appropriate physical and emotional boundaries for your personal self-care.Feb 28, 2013

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