Question: What are the signs that a guy is hiding his true feelings from you?

What are the clear signs that a guy is hiding his feelings for a girl?

Signs That Hes Hiding His Feelings.He Remembers the Little Things.Hes Interested in Your Life.He Makes Time for You.He Wants to Spend Quality Time With You.He Gets Jealous When Youre Around Other Men.Signs That Hes Just Not That Into You.He Makes it Clear That hes Single.More items •Feb 16, 2020

Why do guys hide their true feelings?

Some men: Believe something is wrong with them because of what they feel. Act out their feelings with destructive behaviour. Suffer with low self esteem and confidence when their coping mechanisms backfire.

How do I know if he really cares about me?

1. He listens to you patiently. Most of us like to express and find it difficult to hide our emotions before our loved ones. When you express your feelings for him — whether they are silly, serious, emotional, humorous, or utter non-sense — if he cares for you, he would definitely listen to you patiently.

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