Question: What happened Bumble IPO?

Dating app Bumbles stock closed at $70.31 on Thursday, nearly 64 percent above its IPO price. Bumble raised around $2.15 billion through its IPO by selling 50 million shares of its stock for $43 apiece. It had initially set a price range of $28 to $30, before raising it to $37 to $39 earlier this week.

Is Bumble going to IPO?

Bumble raised US$2.15 billion in an initial public offering, or IPO, late on Feb. 10, just in time for Valentines Day. Investors swooned over the women-go-first dating app, buying more shares and at a higher price than initially expected, valuing the company at $8.3 billion.

What was Bumble IPO?

Its initial public offering was priced at $43 a share, raising $2.2 billion for Bumble. Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd started Bumble in 2014 to turn the traditional dating dynamic on its head.

Who took Bumble public?

CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Took the Company Public With a Baby on Her Hip. The new face of the multitasking working mom is the youngest self-made woman billionaire. A rare sight in the corporate world: a billion-dollar CEO with a baby on her hip.

What did Bumble IPO cost?

The display outside the Nasdaq MarketSite is pictured as the dating app operator Bumble Inc. (BMBL) made its debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange during the companys IPO in New York City, New York, U.S., February 11, 2021. Shares of Bumble fell sharply Thursday, dipping below its initial public offering price of $43.

Should I invest in Bumble?

Should You Buy, Sell or Hold Bumble Stock? As of July 16, 2021, Bumbles stock price is $49.09 per share and down -0.93%. Zacks stock-rating service currently ranks Bumble as a hold. However, according to CNN Business, a poll of 16 investment analysts indicated that the stock is currently a buy.

Should I buy Bumble now?

Bumble is also growing faster than Match, but its trading at a lower price-to-sales ratio with just a quarter of its market capitalization. Therefore, investors who missed out on Matchs massive gains over the past few years should consider starting a position in Bumble right now.

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