Question: Do you compliment girl first date?

So here is the big question: Should you or should you not give her first date compliments to women? The answer is absolutely. Women like and anticipate compliments from their dates. However, too many compliments make you sound needy.

When should you compliment a girl on a date?

Try to limit compliments on your dates appearance to one or two at the most. For example, you might offer a compliment at the beginning of your date, when you first see each other, to let your date know you think they look great.

What do you say to a girl on the first date?

The best things to say on a first dateThat dress looks amazing on you. Dont worry. Did you hear what the President said yesterday? I know what you mean. I definitely want kids. or Marriage is important to me. On a Sunday morning, I like to… My family is really important to me. Thank You.More items •26 Jul 2019

Is it OK to tell a girl she looks pretty?

This can be a very nice gesture. Everyone enjoys a compliment, and when you tell a girl she is pretty you can help her self-esteem. However, it is very important that this is done with taste. You need to be absolutely sure that it is appropriate and that you do not come off as a creep.

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