Question: How does Japanese courtship work?

When the younger generation want to date but are too shy to approach somebody they like, they turn to a common dating scheme called gokon (合コン) or group date, which consist of the male asking his other male friends like soccer team mates to join him on a group date, and the female asking her female friends the same

Is there a courtship in Japan?

With the coming of modernization of Japan in the Meiji era, a new type of courtship and marriage was introduced to Japan from the western societies. That is called the yoriai-kon in Japanese, in which both the bride and the groom were regarded as equal individuals with equal rights.

How does Japan express their love?

In Japanese, there are many ways to say, “I love you.” The translation you will find most often is “aishiteru” [愛してる]. In general, Japanese people hardly say it. Another expression to convey feelings of love is “suki” [好き], which also means “like.” “Suki” can be used to say you like football.

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