Question: What does it mean to be liked on Badoo?

What happens when someone likes you on Badoo?

You will be notified when somebody likes you, but their picture will be blurred out completely so it will be impossible to find out who it is. You will only know the town they are from. You can see your likes when you tap on the All Connections dropdown menu, located on top of your chat section.

How do I see likes on Badoo?

Tap on either the “Like you” tab or the “You like” tab to view a list of your liked people and the people who liked you during the Encounter game. To see the most recent likes, you need to play Encounter or enable Superpowers, a paid feature on Badoo.

What does the star mean on Badoo?

To add someone to your favorites, click the star button next to their name in Messages, or click the star button in the top right corner of their profile. If you subscribe to Badoos premium “Super Powers” service, you can see who has favorited you.

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