Question: How does date my family work?

Date My Family is a South African reality lifestyle romance television series produced by Connect TV for Mzansi Magic. The series aims to help singletons find their love interest by setting them on dates with their potential partners closest friends and families.

Is date my family on catch up?

Date My Family returns on Sunday 24 November on Mzansi Magic (161) at 18:00. If you need to catch up on the first four seasons of Date My Family, you can binge-watch it on Showmax.

How do I apply for date my family?

Write in to We might just hook you up with one of them ;) #MzansiDMF. #Datemy family,#Mzansimagic ,awesome.

Where is Date My family filmed?

South Africa Date My FamilyCountry of originSouth AfricaProductionProducersBasetsana Khumalo Clifford Elk Kopano GelmanRelease1 more row

Who produces date my family?

Date My FamilyProducersBasetsana Khumalo Clifford Elk Kopano GelmanReleaseOriginal networkMzansi Magic2 more rows

Is Mzansi Magic now on DStv access?

THIS WEEK ONLY: DStv Access & Family subscribers can view the hottest local entertainment on Mzansi Magic! Yes, thats right, even if you are not on the compact package, Mzansi Magic will be letting you in on the best of the best in local dramas, realities and soaps.

Which channel is Mzansi Magic on?

DStv channel 161 5 new shows coming to Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161)

Who plays Cece on The Queen?

Themba NdabaAlma materHarare PolytechnicOccupationActorYears active1990 – presentNotable workBrutus on The Queen Mzansi4 more rows

Do I need WIFI for Showmax?

Yes. Showmax is a streaming service that needs an internet connection. Showmax is an internet-streaming service and an internet connection is required to watch and download shows and live-stream sport.

Do you get Showmax free with DStv?

Your questions, answered! Showmax is now included in DStv Premium subscriptions at no extra charge. Thats right, theres no cost and absolutely no hidden catch. Plus, DStv Compact subscribers get Showmax for just R49.

What is the real name of Olerato from The Queen?

Cast and CharactersActorCharacterSeasons6Jessica NkosiThando SebataMainLorraine MoropaOlerato MathapeloMainSibusisiwe JiliWarrant Officer Georgina Gigi ZuluMain16 more rows

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