Question: Is Tinder famous in India?

Today, India is already Tinders top market in Asia and it could soon be its largest market worldwide. The companys success in India also belies its pop-culture reputation as a casual dating app.

Does Tinder really work in India?

While Tinder is, of course, making money in India with users opting for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold premium services, the real question is does it really help? More importantly, does it really work for Indian men to pay Tinder to get dates. Here are 11 things men in India must know before subscribing to Tinder Gold.

Is Dailyhunt banned in India?

Indian Army bans Dailyhunt, Facebook, Truecaller and 86 other apps for its soldiers, officers. Citing security considerations and leakage of sensitive data, the Indian Army has directed all its officers and soldiers to delete 89 apps from their mobile phones.

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