Question: What do I need to hook up a shower?

What tools do you need to install a shower?

Tools You Need to Install a New Bathtub1-inch galvanized roofing nails.2 x 4s.Carpenters level.Construction adhesive.Electric drill and bits.Measuring tape.Mortar mix.Pipe wrench.More items

Can I install my own shower?

A bathtub and shower combo is a great addition to your bathroom, and installing a direct-to-stud shower surround is a project that you can complete in under one day. Take careful measurements, dry fit your shower surround to ensure the right fit and then install the panels.

Do I need an electrician to fit a shower?

If youre installing a new electric shower from scratch, youll need to get it installed by a Part P-certified plumber or electrician, wholl be able to install, upgrade or check the wiring to ensure that the shower works safely.

How do you rough in plumbing?

Steps for Roughing in your Plumbing:Step 1)Mark Key Locations. Determine where all the toilets will be and mark its center on the wall and measure out 13 1/2 inches from that point. Step 2) Cut the Drain Hole. Step 3) Drain Pipe Installation. Step 4) Supply Line Installation.

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