Question: What was the percentage of people married in the same class in 1958?

What was the marriage rate in 1960?

67.4 percent 1960 Census: Supplementary Reports: Marital Status of the Population of the United States, by States: 1960. The 1960 Census showed a record proportion married, 67.4 percent, among persons 14 years old and over. The corresponding figure for 1950 was 66.6 percent and that for 1940 was 59.6 percent.

What was the average age of marriage in the 1950s?

In the 1950s, women married at age 20 and men at 23. The median age at first marriage has been rising rapidly ever since. Were now at an all-time high of 27.1 for women and 29.1 for men.

How many marriages were there in 1960?

343,614 England and Wales marriage rates since 1862YearAll marriagesMales marrying per 1,000 unmarried males1960343,61467.81961346,67867.11962347,73265.61963351,32965.5102 more rows

Which class is most likely to be married?

In sum, when it comes to the structure and quality of marriage and family life, America is increasingly divided by class. Middle- and upper-class Americans are more likely to benefit from strong and stable marriages; by comparison, working-class and poor Americans increasingly face more fragile families.

Median Age at First Marriage, 1890? 2010YearMalesFemales195022.820.3196022.820.3197023.220.8198024.722.024 more rows

Why are couples getting married later?

Its a Reflection of Our Time. There are a lot of different reasons people are getting married later—and its a reflection of our time, for better and for worse. We have more autonomy and more choices—and we might want to delay marriage while we focus on other areas of our lives.

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