Question: What is a disclaimer example?

For example, a climate change scientist writing an editorial or opinion piece that involves the topic of climate change may include a disclaimer saying that the opinions are his own and not that of his employer.

How is disclaimer used in a sentence?

They also had to sign a disclaimer saying that they would not put his information to use. She said she was coerced by an officer into signing a disclaimer saying she would not take her complaint further. Thats why we issue a disclaimer with our referrals.

What is disclaimer sentence?

Word forms: disclaimers A disclaimer is a statement in which a person says that they did not know about something or that they are not responsible for something. [formal] The company asserts in a disclaimer that it wont be held responsible for the accuracy of information.

What is a personal disclaimer?

Also known as a views expressed disclaimer, an opinion disclaimer is a formal written statement that attributes specific information to a certain individuals personal opinion. Like other disclaimers, an opinion disclaimer is designed to limit (or totally eliminate) legal liability.

When can we use disclaimer?

In some circumstances, you should use disclaimers because theyre legally required. For example, if you operate a blog that gives financial advice, having a Use at Your Own Risk disclaimer can help limit your liability in the event that someone takes your advice and loses a fortune.

How do you add a disclaimer in Word?

Click More Options… Select The recipient… and is external/internal. In the Select Scope window, select Outside the organization and click OK. Select Append a disclaimer to the message… and Append a disclaimer. Click Enter text… to enter the disclaimer text and click OK.

Do I need a disclaimer?

Yes, you need a disclaimer on your website. Disclaimers protect your business against legal liability by saying that you wont be held responsible for how people use your site, or for any damages they suffer as a result of your content.

Legal disclaimers can be added to your email signature by logging into your Email Signature Rescue Dashboard, creating or editing an email signature and going to the Messages tab. Enter your legal disclaimer where shown. You can also choose to add a Read more link to the end of your disclaimer.

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