Question: How long does it take to get verified on Millionaire Match?

The third tab of each member profile features the activities that the user is interested in. The last tab features the comments of other users. Each profile that is created in MillionaireMatch, as well as all photos uploaded on the dating website, is subject to approval. Validation usually takes 2-24 hours.

How do you become a certified millionaire on MillionaireMatch?

For a Certified Millionaire, he / she must show the proof of annual income of over US $200,000, a bank statement with a balance of over US $1 million and other affluent singles. Millionaire Match has earned a positive reputation as “highlights the millionaires in its listings” from WSJ.

Do you have to be a millionaire to go on MillionaireMatch?

Can I register in MillionaireMatch even if I am not a millionaire? Yes, however, the website reiterates that you need to be either successful or attractive to join the website.

Does MillionaireMatch have an app?

It has a free-to-download app that is compatible with your Apple or Android device. The platform says it is committed to helping you find dates, relationships, and marriages. It claims to be home to the largest database of rich and wealthy singles who are up for a date or two.

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