Question: Whats swipe night on Tinder?

On Swipe Night, Fast Chat will allow users to analyze clues and work together to solve the mystery, even if they havent already matched. Tinder says Swipe Night will debut in the apps “Explore” section, which is a newer part of the Tinder app that gives members different ways to meet beyond just swiping.

What is Swipe Night on Tinder mean?

If youre unfamiliar with Swipe Night, then heres a lil catch up: Swipe Night is a first-person choose-your-own-adventure style event where Tinder users can swipe at key moments to determine the direction of the story within the app.

How long is Tinder Swipe Night?

about five minutes Swipe Night is a weekly series, with each episode about five minutes long. In each episode, you have to swipe to select different options about paths and choices presented to you, and those decisions are added to your profile in the hopes that they can be conversation starters with potential matches.

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