Question: How do you say hi in Syrian?

مرحبا (Marhaba) – “Hello/Hi” The answer is مرحبا (Marhaba). Marhaba is the simplest type of greeting that is used across the Arabic speaking world.

How do you say good morning in Syrian?

“Sabah el kheir” means “Good Morning” and it is also used in the morning. It can be used in formal and informal occasions, and a reply to “Sabah el kheir” can be “Sabah el noor” or “Sabaho.”

What are you doing in Syrian Arabic?

what are you doing? ماذا تفعل؟

What does Merhaba mean in Urdu?

Marhaba meaning in English is Hurrah, Hurray with Similar words of Hurrah, Hurray includes as Hurrah, Hurray, where Marhaba translation in Urdu is marhaba. Hurrah, Hurray. مرحبا

How old are you in Arab?

كم عمرك؟

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