Question: How do teens meet new people online?

The most common spots for meeting friends online are social media sites like Facebook or Instagram (64% of teens who have made a friend online met someone via social media), followed by playing networked video games (36%). Girls who have met new friends online are more likely to meet them via social media (78% vs.

Can teens make friends on social media?

Social media sites including Facebook and Instagram remain the most popular meeting grounds for teens. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) say theyve made a friend online via social media. Girls are a lot more likely (78 percent vs. 52 percent) to meet friends through social media.

How can teens meet more people?

10 Ways to Meet New People – A Message for TeensChallenge yourself to start a conversation with two new people a day for one week. Begin your conversation by introducing yourself and asking a question. Be patient. Greet your new acquaintances each time you see them. Source: Dinis Tolipov/Depositphotos.More items •Nov 22, 2016

Is it okay for teens to have online friends?

They can find their people If your teen has had trouble finding their people, online friends can provide the mateship and support lacking in their daily lives. Theres no better feeling than being included and the internet is a great place for teens to experience that.

Is it OK to call online friends?

Having online friends isnt bad as long as you go about it safely. Before you make online friends real friends, make sure to video chat and talk on the phone. Be sure to always bring someone with you when you meet people that youve only had digital communication with so far in person.

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