Question: How long do ads on Gumtree last?

How long does an ad stay on Gumtree? Your ad will be live for 30 days from the date of posting. If your ad is in the categories of Services, Property, or Jobs, it will be live for 60 days.

Are Gumtree ads no longer free?

Its free to post an ad on Gumtree. However, you can also choose from three paid options to increase your ads exposure to potential buyers: Plus, Featured and Premium. The cost of these ad packages varies depending on the category youre posting your ad in.

Why is my ad removed from Gumtree?

Ads either reported to us or identified by our automated tools as inappropriate, that we then find do break our Posting Policies or Terms of Use will be removed from the site.

Can you delete ads on Gumtree?

After you have signed in: Click on My Gumtree tab located at the top of all Gumtree pages. then click on My Ads tab which will show options to edit, delete or promote your ad.

How do I repost an expired ad on Gumtree?

An option to repost an Ad will become available a few days before an Ad is set to expire. If youre registered youll see the option in your My Gumtree if not you will receive an email and you simply need to click on the Repost link to post your Ad again.

Can you get money back on Gumtree?

You are responsible for paying the Gumtree fees when theyre due. In case you would have paid a fee for the display of such ad, you may be entitled to a refund of such fee.

Do you have buyer protection on Gumtree?

If youre selling, buying or just have a Gumtree account you dont do anything with, then like any online channel, you need to be wary and protect yourself from scams. Gumtree say keeping it in-house means you are protected by their filter system which blocks any spam or suspicious emails.

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