Question: What is Waje full name?

Aituaje Iruobe, known professionally as Waje, is a Nigerian singer whose vocal range covers three octaves. She first gained recognition after being featured on the remake of P-Squares Omoge Mi. Waje was also featured on the duos 2008 hit track Do Me.

Who is WAJE sister?

Amaka Iruobe Personal life. Waje is a single mother. Her sister, Amaka Iruobe is an actress who has had bit parts in popular soap opera Tinsel and the movie First Cut.

Where is WAJE from in Edo State?

Akure, Nigeria Waje/Place of birth

Is WAJE Tenis sister?

Early life and career beginnings. Teni was born on 23 December 1992 in Lagos state. She is the younger sister of Nigerian singer Niniola. She attended Apata Memorial High School and later preceded to American InterContinental University where she obtained degree in business administration.

Is Niniola Tenis sister?

Niniola is the older sister of singer Teni.

How old is Davido now?

28 years (November 21, 1992) Davido/Age

How did apata died?

Apata who was assassinated in front of his family on January 8, 1995. She also revealed that her father planned ahead for the family, such that even after his death, she was still able to go to school in the United States, and her family could live a decent life.

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