Question: Can you fall in love with someone instantly?

It could all start with instant attraction. In a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience, scientists discovered that people can decide almost immediately if they find someone attractive, and the phenomenon of love at first sight cannot happen without that initial attraction.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone right away?

People can fall in love over time, but often it is sudden, developing quickly. It is called falling in love because it can seem beyond control—a little like falling down or tripping over something. But most of the time, even then, falling in love is not literally at first sight.

Is it normal to fall in love so quickly?

Its completely okay to fall in love quickly especially when they take over your thoughts. When you think youre falling in love too fast just think about whos always on your mind and taking over your thoughts.

What does it mean when you fall in love with someone quickly?

Falling in love (and not lust) fast means that youre both emotionally available, says Battista. If its the idea of being in love with someone then you may want to be careful. But if you find yourself thinking about the actual person then dont ignore it. It just may be youve found what youre looking for.

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