Question: Why do I fart so much after gastric bypass?

Foods and swallowed air can trigger increased gas. Foods that are known for increased gas production include beans and certain dairy products. After weight loss surgery, you may find that you need to relearn which foods are more palatable and less gas producing.

How do you get rid of gas after gastric bypass?

Timing meals differently or eating more slowly can help some people have less gas. Liquids can be washed down more quickly and may cause problems if there is a lot of sugar—also known as “late dumping” which causes gas and diarrhea more than 30 minutes after eating.

What foods cause gas after gastric bypass?

Many people experience increased gas after weight loss surgery, but you can prevent this by avoiding foods that cause excessive gas. The following are examples of things that may cause gas: Carbonated drinks of all kinds. Beans and other legumes.

How long does it take your insides to heal after gastric bypass?

Recovery from your gastric bypass surgery takes about three to six weeks. That said, your real recovery lasts a lifetime. This is because right after surgery you must adopt strict eating and exercise habits in order to sustain your weight loss.

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