Question: Who is Vickis ex Brooks getting married to?

Brooks ex Vicki has also moved on. She got engaged to beau Steve Lodge in April of 2019, though it looks as though the couple is taking things slow before tying the knot with an official ceremony. Getting engaged isnt the only huge recent change in Vickis life! She has also permanently left RHOC after 14 years.

Did Vickis boyfriend have cancer?

Brooks was introduced to the RHOC universe as cast member Vicki Gunvalsons long-time boyfriend. The two didnt always get along and their first split came in 2013, but they reconciled after Brooks revealed he supposedly had stage III cancer.

Are Jim and Alexis still married?

Alexis and Jim Bellino Five years after Alexis RHOC exit, she split from her husband, Jim, after 13 years of marriage. According to the court documents obtained by Us Weekly, he filed for divorce in June 2018 and cited irreconcilable differences.

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