Question: Will the brony fandom end?

BALTIMORE (AP) — The organizers of a convention dedicated to “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” say next year will be their last, citing declining fandom activity among “bronies.” The Baltimore Sun reports BronyCon 2019 at the Baltimore Convention Center will be the longest yet, from Aug. 1-4 next year.

Is the Brony fandom over?

But the brony fandom is now shrinking almost as fast as it grew and conventions, including BronyCon, are shutting down. Eight years in, the novelty seems to have worn off. Its also widely believed the shows next season will be its last, and the future beyond that is uncertain.

Is MLP fandom dead?

The fandom may be in decline but it will not truly die. It has touched way too many lives for that to happen. Were still seeing a significant number of new fans cropping up even after the end of the G4 series.

Who does fluttershy end up with?

In the Modern! AU, Fluttershy is married to Discord and has a son, Jet Lag, with her. A few years before Jet, both species adopted Scootaloo as a daughter.

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