Question: What is a Dayton truck wheel?

Dayton produces a wide variety of premium quality wire wheels for trucks. Thicker plating than any other wheel on the market. 100% pressure leak testing of every tubeless wheel. Perma-true construction -- Dayton Wire Wheels are designed to be maintenance free which means they never need retrueing or retightening.

What is a Dayton hub?

As the home and joint venture of The Entrepreneurs Center and University of Daytons Crotty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, The Hub offers coordinated and centralized resources for the regions entrepreneurs, innovators, builders, creators, inventors, students & teachers. Join the movement today!

The old style of split rims are illegal in all 50 states. The new style are not. The ones that were dangerous were for 18 wheelers pre 1970 with no center mounting hub like a Budd wheel had. The ones that used wedge locks and a 5 spoke axle hub were banned.

What is the torque on Dayton wheels?

Subject: RE: What would a good torque be on dayton wheels? 250 ft lbs. we run a lot of Daytons still. Usually take it up to 150, then, 200, then finish off.

How do you change a wheel on a Dayton?

4:368:54Dayton wheels - How to remove and install - YouTubeYouTube

What do Budd wheels torque to?

450-500 ft/lb 450-500 ft/lb with dry threads for both 3/4-16, and 1-1/8-16, . 875 spherical radius nuts. Also known as ball seat nuts.

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