Question: Is it OK to be a lifelong bachelor?

Is it okay to be a lifelong bachelor?

Bachelors are more likely to have a healthy social life Because single men put more effort into their relationships: Rather than just texting or calling, they are far more likely to actually plan recreational outings and get-togethers. Ultimately these interactions can help lead to a longer life.

Is being a bachelor for life good?

A bachelors life can be fulfilling and interesting provided you dont feel that not being part of a couple is causing you to miss out on enjoying life. With a happy heart and a determination to live life well, leading a bachelors life can be a pleasant and rewarding option.

Are bachelors more happy?

It sounds unbelievable to say, but another study conducted by two scientists at Lafayette College and the University of Miami has found that bachelors are less likely to experience emotions than married people.

Can a divorcee be a bachelor?

A divorced male may or may not be regarded as eligible for marriage. But he could be regarded a bachelor if he is ready and able to move into a society in which marriage is a prospect, and he is interested in getting married. He would then be eligible as a marriage partner for persons not in his current society.

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