Question: What is Dayton OH famous for?

Dayton is also noted for its association with aviation; the city is home to the National Museum of the United States Air Force and is the birthplace of Orville Wright. Other well-known individuals born in the city include poet Paul Laurence Dunbar and entrepreneur John H. Patterson.

Whats great about Dayton Ohio?

Many of its cities are ranked in the top 50 of Niches 2018 Best Places to Live in America. Dayton especially is a hidden treasure inside of the state - it isnt nicknamed “the gem city” for nothing! Its affordable, has a rich culture, an amazing food scene, and is packed full of green parks and trails to explore.

Is Dayton water safe to drink?

Daytons water is safe to drink by federal guidelines, city officials say, but it does contain some PFAS — chemicals believed to cause health problems.

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