Question: Who started World star?

Founded in 2005, the site averages 1.2 million unique visitors a day. The site, operated by Worldstar, LLC, was founded by Lee Q ODenat, a Hollis, Queens–based hip-hop fan who attended Grover Cleveland High School before graduating.

When was World Star Hip-Hop founded?

August 9, 2005 WorldStarHipHop/Dates launched

How do I get my music heard in 2021?

6 creative tips to get your music heard in 20211.) Establish a brand. 2.) Be present on social media. 3.) Create an email list. 4.) Make a demo. 5.) Conduct promotional outreach. 6.) Play live gigs. Spotify. First and foremost, you have to get your music on Spotify. Youtube.More items •10 Jun 2021

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