Question: How does a Catholic Match work?

Match Results The members that we commonly refer to as matches are sent to you via email and on your match page after you fill out your Match Portrait. These members are selected based on your answers to certain questions. This is just one of the great tools that CatholicMatch offers to help you meet more people.

Is CatholicMatch legit?

Is CatholicMatch legit? Yes, CatholicMatch is legit, and it is currently the most popular Catholic dating website.

Can you message for free on CatholicMatch?

Each day CatholicMatch looks for ways to help more single Catholics, like yourself, meet someone that could become their future spouse.

How do I report someone on CatholicMatch?

How to report a violating/scammer message:Click on the message.Click on the three-dot menu option in the upper right-hand corner of the message.Select “Report”Choose a reason for reporting the message.

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