Question: How many players does World of Tanks have 2020?

How many active players does World of Tanks have?

World of TanksMonthAvg. PlayersPeak PlayersLast 30 Days1,623.83,125August 20211,551.83,125July 20211,241.22,056June 20211,361.22,4231 more row

Is World of Tanks growing?

Over the last six months, World of Tanks daily active user (DAU) rate has grown by half over, with the brands penetration reaching up to 80% in the Russian region, the homebase for the games largest community (19 out of 78 million registered players are those from Russia and CIS countries).

Which Is Better World of Tanks or World of Tanks Blitz?

Compared to PC battles, in World of Tanks Blitz, we have approximately two times more tanks per map square unit. Balance-wise, we slowed tanks down a bit to make it more comfortable for players to control them using touch. Thats why in Blitz battles tend to be more “tankish” and there are no fast scouts.

Is World of Tanks free?

World of Tanks is Free-2-Win, meaning skill wins battles, not money. Join a free online game accessible to anyone, whether youre a novice or a pro.

What is the best tank in World of Tanks 2021?

The best tanks in World of Tanks:Tier I – Leichttraktor.Tier II – Pz. II.Tier III – Cruiser III.Tier IV – P26/40,Tier V – T67.Tier VI – O-I.Tier VII – AMX 13 75.Tier VIII – T-44.More items •14 Jul 2021

IS-3 tank World of tanks?

The IS-3 is a Soviet tier 8 heavy tank. Mass production of the vehicle started in May 1945. A total of 1170 vehicles were manufactured by the end of 1946, when production was canceled. From 1948 through the late 1950s, the tanks underwent a number of modernization refits.

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