Question: Does Ooma work with WIFI?

Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter enables your Ooma Telo to connect to the Internet wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network. Take your Telo with you when you travel to call for FREE wherever you have Wi-Fi. Pair up to 7 Devices - Pair up to 7 mobile phones or Bluetooth headsets.

Does Ooma Telo work with Wi-Fi?

Yes! Once your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you plug any device into the HOME NETWORK port and it will have access to the Internet connection through the wireless adapter.

How do I connect to Ooma Wi-Fi?

0:001:10Ooma Telo Wireless Adapter Installation - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe Telo will look for nearby Wi-Fi networks. And display all this for you to choose from. SelectMoreThe Telo will look for nearby Wi-Fi networks. And display all this for you to choose from. Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter your wireless password on the next screen click Add.

Does Ooma use Internet?

Since Ooma works over your Internet connection, you will need to call from a mobile phone if your Internet connection is down. If youre concerned about relying on your Internet for phone service, weve built the Ooma system to work with a landline back-up.

How do I transfer my landline to Ooma?

Log into your My Ooma account and navigate to the Add-Ons tab. Select the Number Port option. Read the instructions carefully, and fill out the form on the Number Porting page with the following information: The phone number you want to port.

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