Question: Who is the prettiest Victoria Secret model?

Do Victoria Secret models have to be pretty?

To become a Victorias Secret Angel, not only do the models have to be beautiful, but they also need to have great personalities and be super committed to the brand.

Who is the most famous supermodel ever?

The Top 25 Most Popular Supermodels of All TimeCara Delevingne. Instagram: @caradelevingne.Twiggy. Instagram: @twiggylawson.Tyra Banks. Instagram: @tyrabanks.Kate Upton. Instagram: @kateupton.Karlie Kloss. Instagram: @karliekloss.Miranda Kerr. Instagram: @mirandakerr.Coco Rocha. Instagram: @cocorocha.Joan Smalls.More items •8 Jul 2021

Do men like VS models?

Well it depends on the man. Victorias Secret models are supposed to be the most beautiful women on the planet and they have all the qualities that go with “beauty standards”. If men are looking for a woman thats “hot” then yes.

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