Question: What do ENFJs find attractive?

ENFJs are often immensely attracted to talent in all forms, no matter what the talent is. ENFJs are also attracted to confident people, someone who can hold themselves with a sense of sureness. Witnessing this type of strong and often mysterious demeanor is likely to be very attractive to the ENFJ.

Do ENFJs care about looks?

ENFPs dont NEED to look good, but they do like to make themselves look nice. ENFPs will often notice aesthetics, and prefer to be around people who have good hygiene. They find themselves initially drawn to people that they find physically appealing, but will fall for someone who sparks their soul.

Do ENFJs like hugs?

ENFJs will often use physical touch as a way to show their affection for other people. Sometimes physical affection is the best way to help calm people, and create a warm and loving environment. ENFJs often enjoy being close to the people they love, and will usually use physical touch as a way to express this.

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