Question: What are some customs in Kenya?

What are the customs of Kenya?

Kenyan Customs & Etiquette Traditional customs and etiquette is very important when it comes to business and social interactions. Kenyan customs and etiquette is mainly manifested in how old people are treated with reverence and respect, during meals, communication style, meeting and greeting and gift giving.

What is the culture and tradition of Kenya?

Kenya is a culturally diverse nation made up of different tribal groups, each with distinct languages, dress, music, and food. Some of the better known tribes include the coastal Swahili people and Maasai warriors in the wildlife rich grasslands.

What are some family traditions in Kenya?

The family unit in Kenya usually includes the extended family. People will frequently interact with their aunts, uncles and cousins. In some ethnic groups, children will refer to their maternal aunts as younger mother or older mother, depending on the aunts age in relation to the childs mothers age.

What is the traditional food in Kenya?

Staples are maize and other cereals depending on the region, including millet and sorghum eaten with various meats and vegetables. The foods that are universally eaten in Kenya are ugali, sukuma wiki, and nyama choma.

What is the traditional clothing of Kenya?

Among traditional Kenyan pieces of clothing is kitenge. It is a cotton fabric heavily embroidered and colored by the method called tie-and-dye (when the fabric is clothed into a tight bundle, and then dyed with various colors).

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