Question: Where do I go to find a cuddle buddy?

How do you ask for a cuddle buddy?

Politely ask someone for what you want (someone who youre somewhat sure would be open to hearing your request) and be clear about what it is that youre looking to get out of your cuddle arrangement. You can text/phone/message them or ask them in person.

Is there an app to find cuddle buddies?

Cuddlr is a sex-free Tinder-style app created to facilitate random cuddles with nearby snuggle-seekers. The app launched on Sept. 11 allows users to set their hug preferences, including whether they like to be the big or little spoon to ensure they are matched with nearby huggers of similar tastes.

Do girls like cuddling?

A new study in UK points out that many women do not like bedtime cuddles. It says that it is the men who are really fond of nighttime hugging, while one out of three women force themselves into doing it, to avoid annoying their partner. This breaks the popular stereotype of women wanting to be hugged in bed.

Is it cuddle with you or cuddle you?

Cuddle with: to cuddle mutually. Cuddle (transitive): to enfold, as, a baby or small animal such as a kitten or puppy.

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