Question: When did Lorna Bonang and aka break up?

How long did Bonang and AKA date?

From late 2015 to 2017, Matheba dated rapper AKA.

Is Lorna Maseko still friends with Bonang Matheba?

The two women also unfollowed each other on Instagram. After months of not responding to rumours that they had split, Lorna and Bonang finally broke their silence on the matter and poured cold water on the rumours by sending each other sweet messages on Twitter on Thursday.

Is Bonang Matheba a sangoma?

Bonang Matheba has never publicly stated that she is a sangoma. Throughout her illustrious career, the media personality has never spoken about having a calling or any related utterances.

Who is Bonang Mathebas mom?

Charlotte Mokoena Bonang Matheba/Mothers

Did Lorna Maseko divorce?

Lorna Masekos divorce She revealed, “Im newly single and ready to mingle my ex-husband is an amazing person.”

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