Question: Who has the highest KD in r6?

What is a good r6 KD?

What is a good KD in r6? K/D definitely matters, no matter which operator youre playing. Anything above 1.0 is good, but 2.0 or 3.0 is preferable.

Who has the highest KD in r6 Xbox?

KD Ratio LeaderboardRankPlayerKD Ratio1SamplingClock247.022Saunshiiii6.233Neptunia XoXo6.114aXelopy6.0296 more rows

What is the highest KD?

KD LeaderboardRankPlayerKD1SuS_Dylan YT230.002Twitter UruO_d183.003Daq FN178.004BokuhaGenGar.174.0096 more rows

Is a 0.8 KD good?

80-1.00 is average and anything about 1.00 is good. If you at least have a 1.00 KD it means youre killing more than youre dying.

What does a 1.5 kd mean?

Easy way to understand is what ever the number is how many kill per death you on overall average get so 1.5kd just means you get 1.5kills per death on average. 1. FUZE-the-bomb. :Echo: Echo Main.

What fortnite KD is good?

While there will be a difference of opinion on what is considered a good K/D ratio in Fortnite, anything around 1.0 can be considered average. However, most of the experienced players generally have above 2.0 K//D ratio.

Is a 3 KD in fortnite good?

A 1.5 to 2.0 are excellent ratios to have. At the same time, numbers way above the average Fortnite KD, such as 3.00 to 5.00, are extremely rare and often held by professional players or content creators and are not very realistic for players who play on a much more casual level.

Is a 4.00 KD good?

Anything above a KD of 1 is above average and everything below is that is below average. An example of a good KD is 4.0. That is you have 4 kills for every 1 death. When looking at the normal player base, this KD is usually in the 95th percentile of players.

Who is the best r6 operator?

Rainbow Six Siege: Best operators right nowAttackers.Defenders. Jäger: Grenade catching with an amazing rifle. Sledge & Buck. Sledge and Buck are two sides of the same coin, both accomplishing the same goal in different ways. Capitão. Maverick. Ash. Thatcher. Zofia.More items •12 Jul 2021

Is pengu still in Penta?

Niclas Pengu Mouritzen announced his retirement on Twitter, stating that, as of today, his Rainbow Six Siege career is official over. This follows a five-year stint playing the game, with most of that time being spent playing for the G2 Esports team.

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