Question: What is a BB girl?

It literally means baby girl, with flirty connotations. You dont say bb boy, because bb/baby/babe is feminine. See a translation. 1 like.

What does BB a girl mean?

1 : a woman who entertains bar patrons and encourages them to spend freely. 2 [b- (as in B-boy) + girl] : a usually young woman who adopts the pursuits or styles of hip-hop culture.

What is BB slang for?

The abbreviation BB is widely used with the meaning Baby as a term of endearment (especially by girls).

What is a BB boy?

: a male who engages in the pursuit of hip-hop culture or adopts its styles.

What does ily BB mean in text?

Its meaning is I love you baby

What does OK B mean in texting?

B is an affectionate term for a loved one. It is often times used to address a homie, ya girl, or ya moms.

How do you say blessed with a boy?

We have been blessed with a son/daughter to love. At one glance we loved you with a thousand hearts. You are the perfect finishing touch to our family! We have been blessed with a child to love

What is another name for B boys?

Breakdancing, also called breaking or b-boying/b-girling, is an athletic style of street dance from the United States. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, breakdancing mainly consists of four kinds of movement: toprock, downrock, power moves and freezes.

What does BB mean in science?

An individual that contains two different alleles of a gene is heterozygous. Examples. A cow that has two alleles for a red coat is homozygous (bb).

What do LLY mean?

Licking Love You. What is LLY? It means Licking Love you, meaning I love you so badly in online jargon. Its an abbreviation used in texting, online chat, instant messaging, email, blogs, newsgroups and social media postings.

How do you convey a blessed baby girl?

Simply pick one of these and you are good to go.Your sweet baby girl is blessed to be born into such a lovely family. Im so thrilled for you and so happy, too, that our little ones are close in age. Congratulations on the arrival of your princess. So happy for you two!More items •Sep 8, 2020

How do you say baby born?

Basic Birth AnnouncementsWelcome to the world, (baby name)!Meet the new love of our lives, (baby name).The wait is finally over! Were thrilled to welcome (baby name).Hello, world! On (birth date), we were blessed with the arrival of (baby name).Dreams do come true!Its official! Hello, my name is (baby name).More items •Aug 5, 2020

Who was the first break dancer?

The term break refers to the particular rhythms and sounds produced by deejays by mixing sounds from records to produce a continuous dancing beat. The technique was pioneered by DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell), a Jamaican deejay in New York who mixed the percussion breaks from two identical records.

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