Question: Why are Ant and Dec not social distancing?

Ant told the breakfast shows presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that the much-loved pair get tested every four days. Coronavirus restrictions mean the presenters cant be joined by a studio audience. Instead, the show had over 300 people join the virtual audience from the comfort of their own homes.

Are Ant and Dec social distancing?

The Geordie duo returned to Saturday night TV last night but there was some confusion about why they were not social distancing. The pair have previously explained their lack of social distancing on screen and told This Morning in September that they take steps to make sure theyre Covid-compliant.

Why are Ant and Dec allowed to stand together?

A regular bubble allows single adults living alone - or single parents whose children are under 18 - to form a support bubble with one other household of any size, but Ant and Dec have previously explained that their arrangement is a cohort which means their households have close contact and they get tested every

Why is Ant and Dec Saturday Night Takeaway not on?

Usually Britains Got Talent would feature the pair, but this years show has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Vernons new primetime game show will see both celebrities and members of the public attempt to uncover the hidden talents of eight mystery performers.

Are Ant and Dec in a bubble for Saturday Night Takeaway?

ITV confirmed to the Manchester Evening News that the three presenters formed a work bubble together for the reunion. Former Byker Grove stars Ant and Dec, who presented Im A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

Where is Ant Dec?

Newcastle Well, both Ant and Dec are from Newcastle where they were born in the very same year - 1975.

What Has Happened To Saturday Night Takeaway?

Fans of Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway have been left gutted ahead of the final episode of 2021 airing tonight. ITV have revealed that Vernon Kays Game of Talents will fill the primetime slot from next week, with Britains Got Talent unable to go ahead because of Covid.

Did Ant and Dec bubble with Cat Deeley?

ITV has confirmed to Daily Star that Cat has been in a bubble with Ant and Dec, so they arent breaking any social distancing rules.

Does Ant and Dec wear wigs?

The Geordie stars, both 45, cleared up some of the most commonly-asked questions about themselves - including whether they lived together or wore wigs. Ant explained: These are the things people search about us. They got these off Google, theyve not made any up.

Is Saturday Night Takeaway ending forever?

Saturday Night Takeaway fans are utterly gutted that tonights episode will be the final one of 2021. Despite airing during the third national lockdown, the ITV shows production team have managed to pull it off with a virtual audience wall and socially distanced guests.

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