Question: Who is still together from season 1 love is blind?

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton: Still Together Moreover, Lauren and Cameron have faced the familial and communal difficulties of being an interracial couple head-on and have genuinely become fan favorites. Even after two and a half years, Lauren and Cameron are still in love.

Are any of the couples from Love is Blind Season 1 still together?

Cameron and Lauren The loved-up couple were one of the strongest pairings on the show and (unsurprisingly) they are still very much together. As of July 2021, the couple are still married and in November 2020 they celebrated their second wedding anniversary together.

Did anyone from blind love stay together?

Lauren and Cameron Our fave pod couple got married a few days after Amber and Barnett and are still happily married. Theyre so in-love and we love their love! The duo also came out with their own YouTube Series where they answer all your questions about being a couple, so make sure you check out their channel.

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