Question: What does crackhead mean on Tiktok?

What does it mean when you call someone a crackhead?

English Language Learners Definition of crackhead : a person who smokes the illegal drug crack.

What does crackhead mean TikTok?

Crackhead energy stems from an individual who is acting out for attention especially one who engages in bizarre actions with the intention to make others laugh. This phrase is typically used in conversations between Gen Zers. Gen Z vs.

What does crack head energy mean?

From the time we wake up to when we eventually decide to go to bed (if we do decide to go to bed), we make abnormal decisions as a way to make someones day, push the limits or simply push ourselves. This is crackhead energy.

Who is a crazy person?

The definition of crazy is someone or something that is insane or not mentally sound. An example of crazy is a person who is in a mental hospital and who is yelling, hallucinating and otherwise acting like they are insane.

What is a habitually mean?

1 : regularly or repeatedly doing or practicing something or acting in some manner : having the nature of a habit : customary habitual candor habitual behavior habitual drug use.

Whats another name for a crazy person?

What is another word for insane person?sociopathlunaticmaniacpsychopsychoticschizoidderanged personmad personantisocial personalitycrazy person50 more rows

Who is a habitual person?

A habitual action, state, or way of behaving is one that someone usually does or has, especially one that is considered to be typical or characteristic of them. He soon recovered his habitual geniality.

What is remonstrated mean?

: to present and urge reasons in opposition : expostulate —usually used with with. transitive verb. : to say or plead in protest, reproof, or opposition. Other Words from remonstrate Example Sentences Learn More About remonstrate.

What do you call someone who is addicted to drugs?

Person Who Uses Drugs Heavily Addict, burnout, dopehead, doper, druggie, fiend, hophead, junkie, stoner, user, zombie.

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