Question: Is Cape Town Muslim friendly?

Welcome. With the citys strong Muslim culture and vibrant communities, Cape Town is a natural choice and you will find a warm welcome from all Capetonians and a tourism industry that continues to grow its offering to Muslim visitors.

Is Cape Town a Muslim country?

Cape Town has a rich Muslim heritage, with Cape Malay Muslims accounting for a quarter of the citys population. Cape Town Tourism estimates that 26% of the worlds population will be Muslim by 2020, and a recent study has shown that halal tourism is now one of the fastest growing sectors of the global travel industry.

Are there many Muslims in Cape Town?

Recent figures estimate the number as between 75,000 and 100,000. Although, the majority of South African Muslims are Sunni, smaller numbers are Ahmadi, particularly in Cape Town.

What percentage of Cape Town is Muslim?

But in many places, there is also an increase in safety concerns for Muslim tourists, who say they are experiencing increased Islamophobia in locations around the world. Around 3 percent of South Africas population is Muslim, and many of them live in Cape Town.

Is South Africa Muslim friendly?

While its said that South Africas population is made up of only 1.5% of Muslims, its still a Muslim friendly destination with mosques for Muslim travellers to explore and use for prayers. For those staying in Cape Town, the Auwal Mosque, Palm Tree Mosque and Queen Victoria mosque are available on your journey.

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