Question: What to do when your in a difficult relationship?

How do you recover from a difficult relationship?

13 Tips for How to Heal From a Toxic RelationshipFeel Your Emotions. Try Not to Contact Your Old Partner to “Check In” Dont Expect Closure. Maintain a Strong Support System with Positive People. Dont be Afraid to Admit What Youve Been Through. Re-Discover Your True Self. Practice Self-Care. Practice Self-Kindness.More items •Apr 21, 2021

How do I deal with a toxic relationship?

Here are some tips to help you handle toxic relationships:Tell the person how you feel. McLemore advocates beginning with a gentle, one-on-one approach in which you tell the person how you feel about the way they treat you. Set limits. Control your responses. Ending the toxic relationship.Dec 22, 2009

Should I save my relationship?

If youre both still willing and able to compromise, go ahead and try to save this thing. It means the relationship has room to flex, change, and grow, Klapow says. If both sides are willing to compromise as you move forward there is room to save the relationship.

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