Question: What is MAGIC FMs number?

Magic Radio on Twitter: Yup - give us a call! 03444 777 888…

What frequency is Magic FM on?

105.4 FM Tune into Magic Radio online, on the radio 105.4 FM and on DAB.

How do I get Magic Radio station?

You can now listen live via the new Rova app, streaming Magic 24/7 or online here. You can also access Magic right across New Zealand, see the full list of frequencies to check if Magic is available in your region. And check out the playlist of the latest songs played on Magic.

What is DAB and DAB+?

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio standard for broadcasting digital audio radio services in many countries around the world, defined and promoted by the WorldDAB forum. DAB is not forward compatible with DAB+, which means that DAB-only receivers are not able to receive DAB+ broadcasts.

Why is DAB ending?

RTÉ says its decision to cease DAB transmission was driven by three main factors – the fact that DAB was the least utilised platform in Ireland; that RTÉ is the only Irish broadcaster on the DAB system, and cost avoidance.

Why is DAB reception so poor?

Depending on where youve placed the unit, there might be other electrical devices causing some interference. This is especially common with LCD TVs, but other common culprits include laptops, mobile phones, and even touch lamps. Interference is far more likely if you live somewhere with poor DAB signal to begin with.

Are DAB radios worth it?

On balance, though, its clear that DAB radio is better than FM. Its got more stations, a more reliable signal, and is generally a more modern way of tuning in. If youre yet to make the switch to digital radio, then theres no time like the present! Check out our full range of DAB radios here.

Can I get Magic radio on my phone?

Magic Radio App Available on Blackberry App World, Android and Apple App Store. Wherever or whenever you tune in, this station is guaranteed to get you in a good mood!

What channel is magic soul?

You can listen to Magic Radio in London on 105.4FM and nationally via the Magic App, at, on Sky Channel 0180, Freeview Channel 715, Virgin Media 928 and as a music TV channel on The Box Plus Network.

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