Question: Should I have expectations when dating?

Should you have expectations when you date? Yes, you should, but they should be a carefully curated list of the most important values which you feel you could never compromise on. For all the rest, you should be willing to make adjustments in order to accommodate the person you love.

Is it possible to have a relationship without expectations?

Loving without expectations means being able to love someone even when they are letting you down. Loving someone without expectations means letting them go when theyve hurt you one too many times but not holding it against them. Loving someone else goes hand in hand with loving yourself…and its hard.

What are some dating expectations?

What to expect in a relationshipPrioritize appreciation over expectations. Express compassion. Show respect. Demonstrate consideration. Devote time to your partner. Never question the nature of your relationship. Avoid repetition. Never threaten your relationship.More items

What are realistic relationship expectations?

Honesty, trust, respect, affection, loyalty, intimacy and personal space are some healthy expectations to inculcate in your relationship.

Should I lower my dating expectations?

Dating without expectations doesnt only decrease the chances of you being hurt early on, it also mitigates the chances of you hurting or leading on someone else. When you date without expectations, you are less likely to lead someone on or hurt someone because you only date people in whom youre genuinely interested.

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