Question: Which WWE Divas are not married?

#1 Lita. One of the greatest female superstars to ever step foot inside a WWE ring, Lita was involved in numerous romantic angles. Despite being involved in two on-screen weddings on Raw, it might surprise many to learn that she has never been married in real life.

What WWE stars are married to each other?

List of wrestling couplesCoupleWrestlersDate MarriedThe CalawaysUndertaker & Michelle McCoolJune 26, 2010The JarrettsJeff Jarrett & Karen AngleAugust 21, 2010The LevesquesTriple H & Stephanie McMahonOctober 25, 2003The McMahons, Jr.Shane McMahon & Marissa MazzolaSeptember 14, 199627 more rows

Who is Mandy sacs dating?

Tino Sabbatelli Personal life. Saccomanno participates in yoga, pilates, and CrossFit. In April 2018, she revealed that she was dating fellow professional wrestler Sabatino Piscitelli, better known by the ring name Tino Sabbatelli.

Is Mandy Rose and Otis really dating?

In December 2019, Rose entered a romance storyline with Otis, with Otis helping Rose during her matches. She later agreed to a date with him on Valentines Day, but Dolph Ziggler appeared in Otiss place during the date, which resulted in a romance between Rose and Ziggler.

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