Question: What do girls look for on tinder?

Yes, women do want to see your dog, or cat, or whatever animal you have or met, but the first thing they want to see is who you are. Not your pet, or your group of friends, or even that sick sunset you saw the other day. Make sure theres enough pictures of you for them to know what you look like.

What do girls want on a tinder profile?

A genuine good opening line. Not just like Hi. More like, What do you do? I have a really descriptive profile, so it helps if they mention something I put in my bio. I play a lot of sports, so if they go What kind of sports are you into? then Im like, this person took the time to actually read my bio.

How does a girl qualify for tinder?

Its easier than you think.Read Her Bio. It seems obvious, but swiping relentlessly isnt always the best approach. Pictures. Using the pictures for more than just double-checking if shes hot is also a good place to start. Conversation Starters. Dont. Creep-Free Compliments. Keep it Light. Future Talk.Mar 8, 2021

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