Question: What is Germanys culture like?

German people tend to be thrifty, be sensible, and respect one anothers privacy, and they typically respect the structure and laws of society to an above-average degree. There is no place that this sense of order is more apparent than in German business culture.

What culture is similar to Germany?

Netherlands is also also very similar to Germany. Both countries were originally part of the Holy Roman Empire. They both have a mix of Catholics and Protestants but also have a high number of atheists and a minority population of Muslims. Belgium is another country that was originally part of the Holy Roman Empire.

Where did the German culture come from?

The culture of Germany is largely defined by the cultures of the constituent states of which it is formed, as well as the other prevalent cultures within Europe. Germany has its origins in the various Germanic tribes that populated the region during the classical era.

What Germany is known for?

8 Things Germany Is Famous ForBread. Each region of this country has its own variety and specialty of bread, ranging from, light wheat breads in the south to the dark, heavy breads in the north. Beer. Just like bread, beer too is part of German culture. Cars. Castles. Sausages. Music. Berlin. Freikoerperkultur.

What food is Germany known for?

Here are the top ten traditional German foods that should be on your bucket list:Brot & Brötchen. Käsespätzle. Currywurst. Kartoffelpuffer & Bratkartoffeln. Rouladen. Schnitzel. Eintopf. Sauerbraten.More items

Why is Germany so popular?

With an interesting and rich history narrated by the old-fashion and colorful architecture, castles, palaces, cathedrals and monuments themselves, its landscapes, mountains and forests, delicious food and beer, Germany remains one of the top destinations in the world for travelers.

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