Question: What is d s stand for?

Direct Sequence. DS. Dual Screen (Nintendo gaming console)

What does DS slang stand for?

dear son DS is an abbreviation for dear son or darling son. Its part of internet slang that has developed for use on forums, social networks, email, and texting.

What does DS mean in USA?

DS/USAAcronymDefinitionDS/USADisabled Sports USA

What does DS mean in a car?

DS or drive sport mode changes the transmission operation to a sporty, driving experience. In other words, this changes an automatic 2018 Altima, to the feeling of a manual, giving consumers the best of both worlds.

What does DS stand for gaming?

Dual Screen The DS, an initialism for Developers System or Dual Screen, introduced distinctive new features to handheld games: two LCD screens working in tandem (the bottom one being a touchscreen), a built-in microphone and support for wireless connectivity.

What is S in automatic car?

S is for sport. If youre driving on twisty country roads and want to keep the RPM up as you wind through corners, the S position is where you want to be. In S, the transmission holds lower gears longer for more power as you come out of the curves.

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