Question: How does Im in Love with a Church Girl End?

The film ends with a look at three years later, showing Vanessa, her family, Miles dad and their daughter in church, where Miles is now the pastor.

What happens at the end of Im in Love with a Church Girl?

Miles manages to attend church services and his turning point in life comes after Vanessa is involved in a serious accident that leaves her in a coma for days. He ends up on his knees praying for God to bring Vanessa back. His friends are arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Is Im in Love with a Church Girl a true story?

Didactically scripted by Galley Molina, a real-life pastor who reportedly based the screenplay on his own born-again experiences, and slackly directed by Steve Race, “Church Girl” tells the come-to-Jesus story of Miles Montego (rapper-actor Jeff “Ja Rule” Atkins), a former drug kingpin who has reinvented himself as a

Who wrote Im in Love with a Church Girl?

Galley Alexander Im in Love with a Church Girl/Screenplay

Does miles go to jail in Im in Love with a Church Girl?

Im in Love With a Church Girl is based on the true story of its writer and director, Galley Molina. Perhaps the biggest deviance from his reality is that, while Miles avoided jail time, Galley was indicted and sent to prison for a stretch.

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