Question: Where is the best place to meet women in Greece?

How do I pick up girls in Mykonos?

There are some great singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Mykonos girls:Cavo Paradiso at Paradise Beach.Addiction Club in Steno Portas Mykonos Town.180º Sunset Bar in Epar. Od.Skandinavian Bar at Georgouli.Void in Lakka.Babylon at Akti Kampani.Astra at Tria Pigadia.Galleraki Bar in Little Venice.More items •10 Aug 2021

Where can I meet women in Split?

Central the Club.Academia Club Ghetto.Vanilla Club.Tropic Club.inBOX.Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar.Gaga Caffe Bar.Fabrique Pub.More items •8 Mar 2021

Where in Mykonos is the nightlife?

Most nightlife is in Mykonos town. There is none whatsoever at Elia which, while a gorgeous beach area, has little to offer besides resorts, villas and just a couple of restaurants. (Note that Elia is the most popular beach for gay visitors, and is where you can find extensive nudity.)

Where is best for couples in Greece?

Best Greek Islands for a Couples HolidaySANTORINI. This is one of the most romantic destinations in the world, and an ideal place for an unforgettable holiday. CRETE. The largest of all the Greek islands, Crete is one of the best Greek islands for a couples holiday. RHODES. CORFU. ZAKYNTHOS (ZANTE)May 29, 2018

Is Mykonos just a party island?

Most visitors will say that the Greek island of Mykonos is the ultimate party destination. Although this statement holds a lot of truth, there is way more to do and enjoy on the famous Aegean island than just party. Despite its nightlife attractions, Mykonos does not offer only nocturnal pleasures and adventures.

Does Mykonos have good nightlife?

Mykonos is the top destination for the active nightlife and crazy throughout Greece: nightlife and fun, main ingredients, able to attract every year many young people from around the world.

Is there a strip in Mykonos?

There is a strip of seaside bars at the Little Venice area of Mykonos Town. There are more places to party in Mykonos Town than at all the beaches combined.

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